December 2018

Ariana Branchini, AICP, Planner (left) and Frank Fish, FAICP, Principal, BFJ Planning.

Traffic Proposals Discussed at Village Work Session

By Stephen E. Lipken


Ariana Branchini, Planner and Frank Fish, Principal of BFJ Planning, appeared at the Bronxville Board of Trustees Work Session on November 13, addressing pressing problems of the MTA Underpass; Kraft Avenue; Palumbo Street and Midland/Pondfield Intersection.


Emphasizing that the proposals were draft copies, Fish pointed out that the Underpass has drainage issues and is slippery and icy in winter.  Regarding the Midland/Pondfield Intersection, Fish intimated that traffic lights should be higher to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and pedestrian signals would improve safety.


Fish outlined several options:

• Raise and re-center traffic lights at intersection, adding pedestrian light with Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI);


• Replace lights with 18-foot mast arms and add LPI pedestrian lights;


• Strain poles with wires;


• Roundabout, estimated at $500,000.


Options for Palumbo Street:

• Change Palumbo Street to a one-way north-south system, add sidewalk and keep angled parking;


• Change Palumbo Street to a two-way system, add sidewalk and remove angled parking;


• Close Palumbo Street to through traffic to accommodate DPW needs, add sidewalk and remove angled parking.


Kraft, a wider street has been the site of pedestrian fatalities and injuries. Potentially narrowing the roadway with improved pedestrian access was suggested.


At the Regular Meeting, Resolutions were passed authorizing the issuance of Debt Service to fund architectural services for the Library HVAC System for $70,000; additional funds to improve the Avalon Lot, budgeted at $1.6 million dollars with an additional $425,000 covering Bond Expenses; Environmental Assessment Form Type 2 Action and Bond for $2,025,000 to fund Avalon Lot acquisition and related improvements.


During Public Comment, resident Sharon Herstein showed a container of “fetid swamp water,” collected from the roof of the 15 Kensington Road Municipal Parking Garage, forming on the floor of the condos above it, saying that pebbles laid out by Fareri Associates to prevent flooding were inadequate.



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