May 2018

Mayor Marvin Welcomes New Village Justice; Trustee and Returning Trustee

By Stephen E. Lipken


Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin welcomed new Village Justice William Primps; returning Trustee William H. Barton and new Trustee Mark J. Wood at the April 9th Board of Trustees meeting.


“I am very excited to accept this position and serve the community,” Wood commented.  “The Village is in as good of a physical and financial position as it has been in many years…”


Returning Trustee William H. Barton added, “From a DPW point of view, I used to be the liaison to the Department of Public Works and it is a passion of mine to make sure the streets are paved…”


Mayor Marvin also presented special gifts, cutting boards engraved with the Bronxville Seal to outgoing Trustees Guy Longobardo, Anne W. Poorman and Village Justice George C. McKinnis.


McKinnis served the Village for 24 years and was known for his Community Restorative Justice policy, removing incarceration for appropriate non-violent crimes, allowing the Bronxville Justice Court to establish a program of suitable therapies and interventions prescribed by Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities, (TASC) a part of the County Department of Mental Health.


The Board then enacted Local Law #7-2018, overriding the property tax cap for the coming Fiscal Year.  General Fund Appropriations total $16,458,082, an increase of $274,675 or 1.7% from the 2017-2018 adopted budget.  The net result is a real estate tax levy Increase of 3.84%, resulting in a 2.35% increase in real property taxes next fiscal year.


During the Work Session Village Administrator James Palmer proposed a Resolution to establish a Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund, renewable annually to finance revenue losses for unanticipated expenditures or to lessen or prevent projected increases of 2.5% of real property tax levy, funding this reserve with $500,000 to be distributed in equal amounts over three years, beginning with Fiscal Year ending May 31, 2019.


In the Tuesday, March 20th Village Election, Barton received 644 votes, running under the Citizens for Responsible Government party (CRG); Wood, Republican, CRG, 689.  In the opposed election for Village Justice, Primps, Republican, CRG garnered 504 votes; Democrat Natasha Nordahl, 461.



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