January 2018

From the Mayor’s Office

By Mayor Mary Marvin


January 2, 2018


As the year came to a close, I took stock of all that goes on in our Village of 6500.

As many of you saw during the tax season, our administrative staff is professional, helpful and always in good humor.


The same is true of our Court and Parking Staff and Building Department even under some of the most difficult of circumstances.  Our two Justices conduct a court known for its fair and progressive approach.


And our Police Department – what a group of kind, patient and competent officers. (80% of who could be my children!) The leadership at the top by Chief Satriale and Lt. Bunyan lead by example and it is a very cohesive department.


The DPW staff is second to none; most of them stay with the village for decades and take great pride in keeping their village neat, clean and beautiful.  They care deeply about the families on their route and worry when they don’t see you.


It is truly an honor and an inspiration to work with people who care so deeply about their jobs and their village and do it with such dignity and competency.


As a result of 2008 and the reset of the financial environment, we now have one of the smallest staffs for our size making their efforts even more admirable and appreciated.


The village also has many boards staffed by volunteers that serve to enhance the quality of life in the Village. They include:


Finance Committee

Edward Forst

Leighton Welch

William Barton

Donald Gray

Elizabeth Favaro


Planning Board

Gary Reetz, Chair

James Murray, Vice Chair

Adrienne Smith

Rene Atayan

Larry Vranka

Michael Goldman

Mark Wood


Design Review Committee

Maureen Hackett, Chair

Maggie Marrone

Stephen Hawkey

Lawrence Vranka


Zoning Board of Appeals

William Fredericks, Chair

John Browne

Eric Haims

Stuart Mackintosh

Martin Murrer

Sheldon Reynolds

Charles Law


Ethics Board

Donald Kennedy

John Priesing

Wendy Riggs

Williams Slattery

Marilyn Wood Hill

William Primps, Counsel


Board of Assessment Review

Robert Shearer, Chair

Lisa Connors

John Hill

David Harris

Gene Piper


Library Board of Trustees

Sarah Normand, President

Peter Thorp

Julia Murphy

Darcy Kaye

Ruth Walter

Susan Finch Moore

Catherine Bird

Katy Barrett

Pippa Colvin


Bronxville Giving Garden

Jess Atrio, Volunteer Coordinator

Suzy Checklick, Farmer

Nicki Piercy Coddington, Graphic design/Website

Mayor Mary Marvin,

Liason to Village of Bronxville

Mary Liz Mulligan, Director

Wendy Murphy, Education Programs

Dave Phillips, Farmer

Gretchen Pingel, Articles

Eben Thurston, Social Media


Bronxville Green Committee

Mary Liz Mulligan, Chair

Jess Atrio

Susan Checklick

Emily Conway

Matthew Daly

Ellen Edwards

Pam Lippe

Mayor Mary Marvin,

   Liaison to Village of Bronxville

Judith McNatt

Wendy Murphy

Ellen de Saint Phalle

Dave Phillips

Gretchen Pingel

Judith Schwartzstein

Hillary Sheperd

Gene Westmoreland

Mary Westmoreland

Penny Fujiko Willgerodt


Friends of Bronxville Library

Margaret Mager, President

Lia Gravier, Vice President

Christopher Goff, Secretary

Thatcher Drew

Jennifer Gordon

Elizabeth Maitland

Ellen Politi

Darcy Kaye as the Trustee


The Village simply cannot function without the hundreds of hours of volunteer service given by all of our committee members.


We welcome any resident to offer their time and talents to a board.


Sometimes a certain skill set is helpful, but in general the only requirement is interest and availability.


Please reach out to us via mayor@vobny.com.  I can guarantee you the work is always interesting and the service gratifying.







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