March 2017

Construction at intersection of Pondfield Road and Midland Avenue for pavement collapse.

Mayor, Trustees Object to County-Designed Municipal Consolidation Plan

By Stephen E. Lipken


At the Monday, February 6 Bronxville Board of Trustees meeting, objections were voiced by both Mayor Mary C. Marvin and Trustees to the proposed Referendum on County-Designed  Municipal Consolidation Plan.  During the Public Work Session, Marvin stressed that Governor Andrew Cuomo is tying $71,000 given to the Village to cover Unfunded Mandates to a County-wide Consolidation Plan, “putting it out for a general County vote in November.


“The ‘driver’ of the Budget is 70% School District taxes and they don’t have to do it. The Mayor’s Association doesn’t like it.  Every political figure you can think of, from Mayor Noam Bramson in New Rochelle to New York State Senator George Latimer is against it.


“Regardless whether you already have a shared services plan, the Governor wants municipalities to come up with new initiatives,” Marvin averred.


Discussing the 2017 Tax Lien Sale, Marvin said that there was some confusion over local control of procedures and property tax penalties, explaining that they are under NYS Property Law control.  Mayor Marvin remarked that the Village does not name property owners, just listing property lot numbers.


Investors who purchase property tax liens are generally required to pay the amount of the lien in full to the municipality and notify the property owner that they are the lien holder.  The property owner must repay the investor the entire amount of the lien plus interest.


Reacting to Marvin’s comment that the same three bidders fight over the “booty,” Trustee Randolph J. Mayer suggested sealed bids; their legality could be referred to Village Attorney James Staudt.  Treasurer Lori Voss pointed out that investors must have $160,000 in cash ready for bidding and “priors,” holders of prior liens “get first ‘dibs.’”


Running on the Republican ticket on Tuesday, March 21 will be Trustees Mayer, Robert S. Underhill and Mayor Marvin; the Democratic Trustee candidate is Elizabeth Calderon.



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