February 2019

Mayor Unveils Three Village Initiatives for 2019

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor Mary C. Marvin welcomed the community to the first meeting of the New Year on January 14, sharing, “the three biggest things we are working on at this juncture: 1) Purchase and refurbishing of Avalon Parking Lot with a Charging Station; more room for scooters; safe slots for bicycles; better drainage; new walkway from Parkway Road to the Metro North platform; more trees to cool the lot and offering some overnight parking opportunities for nearby neighbors. 2) Request for Proposal for a Public Works Garage; the DPW Garage has not been overhauled since 1944.  We must preserve our equipment; vehicles stored outside lose 1/3 of their life.”


The third item encompasses a Comprehensive Plan.  “The last Comprehensive Plan was finished in 2009.  We will institute a Village-wide survey, enabling residents to decide how our tax dollars should be spent,” Marvin said.  Also mentioned was revitalization of the Paxton/Milburn area.


Village Administrator James Palmer outlined an agreement with BPAS regarding an actuarial Evaluation of Village Post-Employment Benefits; cost-effective price: $4,000 and an agreement with International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) Local 456 expiring May 31, 2020, designating salary increase of 2% for 2019 and 2¼% for the next two years.


During Public Comment, resident Betsy Harding encouraged the Village to spend whatever amount of money necessary to keep all vehicles of the new DPW facility, “inside a heated, indoor repair shop with improved employee accommodations, including women workers.”


At the Work Session, the Board designated a Public Hearing on Monday, February 11 for Local Law No. 1-2019, “Demolition Permits.”



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