July 2018

Indivisible Westchester Exposes Republican Campaign Lies

Submitted by Indivisible Westchester


Independent, grass roots activist group, Indivisible Westchester, on behalf of the residents of Westchester County, is demanding an apology from the Bronxville Republican Committee, for using blatant false financial claims in Republican campaign messages.


In a recent fundraising email, Bronxville Republican Village Committee Chair Rene Atayan said the GOP candidate for Village Justice is “being severely challenged by Indivisible Westchester, who has reportedly poured thousands (original italics) into what was supposed to be a village race.”  This is false. Indivisible Westchester did not endorse a candidate in this race and did not contribute anything, much less “thousands,” to any candidate in Bronxville.


Fabricating a story to raise money does a disservice to both the candidates in this race, the Westchester voters and to our political discourse in general. Ignoring facts and misleading the American public has become a hallmark of Donald Trump’s Republican party. And now, it is becoming painfully clear that Republicans at every level – village, county, state and federal – are embracing Trump and the national GOP’s dishonest, win-at-all-costs style instead of standing up for American values that Westchester residents cherish.


 “At a time when our country is more divided than ever and outside groups really are pouring money into our local NY races, members of Indivisible Westchester are committed to holding both parties accountable to ensure that Westchester remains a place where we value truth, respect our neighbors and support candidates that believe in equality and inclusion,” said Shannon Powell, co-founder of Indivisible Westchester. “And, we certainly won’t stand for Trump’s GOP, or anyone frankly, misleading the public.”



Bronxville GOP Response

It was disheartening to read Indivisible’s strident accusations regarding a local judicial race in a tiny close-knit Village such as ours.


Self described ‘independent’, Indivisible would not endorse our candidate who ran as both a Republican AND independent, but was certainly eager to endorse a very liberal Democrat, Shelley Mayer, for State Senate, which in the end, is what this all seems to be about.


Many people believed Indivisible was active in the opposition’s judicial campaign. An Indivisible member was/is prominently featured in Indivisible leadership photos; this same member ran many aspects of the opposition’s campaign, having just ran her own campaign for County office. Since a judicial race here has never, in anyone’s historical memory, been challenged, and voter turnout was also historically high, a reasonable person would most likely have the same belief as we held.


This is a mile square village governed primarily by volunteers - Indivisible’s introduction of the current President of the United States is a non sequitur of the highest order. For years the Bronxville GOP has worked with candidates on the election process- there are no costs associated with filing paperwork, and we have not actively funded a campaign in years.


I believe this latest statement is simply Indivisible’s way of frothing their base for the upcoming state senate race. We are more straight forward - Shelley Mayer has been a member of a corrupt NY state government for years.  The high taxes, rampant corruption, and sexual misconduct in Albany is on those in power.

Our candidate, Julie Killian, will bring a breath of fresh air, reason, and intelligence to Albany. She has worked in male dominated industries as a Chemical Engineer and on Wall Street.  As a mother of five, Julie has been proactively addressing opioid abuse as a trailblazer.


In conclusion, I respectfully disagree with Indivisible’s portrayal of the Bronxville GOP.



Rene Atayan



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