March 2017

Gabriela Amboss and Gabriel Morato

Mauricio Morato (Youth Council mentor) and Patricia Lobaccaro (President and CEO of BrazilFoundation)

* Youth Benefit committee: Natalia Morato, Allie Berkery, Maggie Miller, Jack Harwood, Shannon Hendrick, Laura Holland, Nan Carpenter, Grace Randall, Sally Reynolds and Claudia Amboss (mentor)

** Generous vendors: Tryforos Florists, Brigadeiro Bakery, Heidi Fitzgerald Masseuse, Zen Spa, Continental Hair Salon, The Silk Road, Lange’s, Park Place, Chris Consentino Physical Therapy, Projecta Interior Design, MariaBonita 45, SoulCycle, Natura Cosmetics, Green of Greenwich, Fabio’s Hair Studio

“Spreading Love All the Way to Brazil”

On February 11, 2017, the Brazil Foundation Youth Council members Gabriela Amboss and Gabriel Morato hosted a Teen Dinner Dance party at the Bronxville Field Club to raise funds for the foundation projects in education, music and professional training in Brazil. The Brazil Foundation is a non-profit organization that mobilizes resources for ideas and actions that transform Brazil, working with local leaders, organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and economic opportunity for all Brazilians. By promoting this fundraising event, Gabriela and Gabriel, together with a committee* of Bronxville High School students, raised over $15000, which will be used to fund several social projects chosen by the Youth Council, including a popular orchestra for teenagers and a pre-college test tutoring program in Campo Grande-MS, in the Midwest of Brazil.


Gabriela and Gabriel could not be happier with the success of the event and the parallel fund raising campaign that was developed by the committee. “We are thrilled and grateful for everybody’s support and we feel very blessed to be able to help teenagers like us who do not have the same opportunities we do. The theme of this party was “Spreading Love All the Way to Brazil” and I think we accomplished that with a night filled with love, care and generous teens having lots of fun. We can’t thank our parents enough for all the support and help with the logistics of planning such a huge event and the BrazilFoundation.   We all worked hard to make this such a successful event and with it we are able to make a difference in the lives of many kids”, says Gabriela Amboss.


“The Teen Benefit had the amazing DJ Johnny Stuart, who generously donated his time mastering the pickups, “We Love Photobooths” cool instant pics and the incredible illusionist Kevin Nicholas, who impressed the crowd with his amazing tricks. We want to thank all the vendors** who generously donated items for our raffle and Wheel of Fortune game, and Projecta Interior Design for the incredible décor that transformed the Field Club into a Brazilian lounge paradise. Dinner was delicious in the hands of Chef Daniel from the Bronxville Field Club and we all feasted with the delicious Brazilian truffles by Brigadeiro Bakery. It was a party to remember!”, says Gabriel Morato.


During the event, Patricia Lobaccaro, Brazil Foundation President and CEO, said that she was delighted with such a beautiful initiative coming from these youngsters. “We always say that this generation is the future, but today we can see that these teenagers are the present. Right here and right now, they are reaching out to help an enormous amount of kids and teens to have a better future themselves, through the works of the BrazilFoundation.”


It was certainly a beautiful night that made the Bronxville community very proud of its young members!


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