January 2018

 (from left) Bronxville High School teacher Bill Meyer, Bronxville High School senior Caroline Kirby (who provided the instroduction), junior Samantha Huss, junior Viena Pentikainen, senior Edward McCann, junior Lyric Abbott and senior Mimi Buendia (who provided the closing statements).

Students Share Meaningful Experiences with Peers During Bronxville Voices Assembly

Bronxville High School students heard from four of their peers – Lyric Abbott, Samantha Huss, Edward McCann and Viena Pentikainen – who spoke about moving outside of their comfort zone during the annual Bronxville Voices Assembly, held on Dec. 19.


Abbott, a junior, talked about the mental and physical challenges of spending six weeks cycling hundreds of miles a day from Charleston, South Carolina, to the Santa Monica pier in California with an American Challenge group of about 12 other young adults last summer. She discussed how the experience taught her to be resilient, push herself through challenges and define her own limits.


Huss, a junior, talked about her experience during a service trip to Nicaragua, where she helped build houses for local families. During her trip, Huss created a bond with a young girl, whom she inspired to gain confidence to go against the norms of her village’s expectations. Huss helped her to understand that girls are strong and capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Huss said the experience reminded her that each person has the ability to inspire someone else.


McCann, a senior, spoke about how going out of his comfort zone to audition for the school musical his freshman year has turned into the most fulfilling experience. Despite his initial hesitation, McCann decided to pursue his love for music and try out for a role in “Sweeney Todd.” As a result, he discovered a new passion for theater.

Pentikainen, a junior, discussed how moving from Finland to the United States her freshman year intensified her anxiety symptoms. She shared with her peers how spending time in nature and the remote mountain trails of Norway over the summer helped her embrace the world around her.


The Bronxville Voices Assembly series, organized by history teacher Bill Meyer, was created in 2011 to provide a space and place for students to share their passions and interests with their peers.


“It has become an opportunity to further develop community across the whole school,” Meyer said. “At the heart of a Bronxville education is the development of voice within our students, and out of this sense of voice comes a deeper sense of purpose and calling in the world.”



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