July 2018

Second Grader Derek Valenzuela

is Principal for the Day at

The Chapel School

On May 30, 2018, second grader Derek Valenzuela was Principal for the Day at The Chapel School.  His day started by welcoming students on car line, and then signing an executive order granting Mrs. Hillier’s class non-uniform for the day.


Principal Valenzuela also handed out Integrity Awards and Workers of the Week. He then conducted his own shelter plan drill before visiting Mrs. Blanco’s 3rd grade, Ms. Papp’s and Mrs. Hillier’s second grades and Ms. Coulthurst’s 8th Grade Science classes to perform classroom observations.  After checking in with Mrs. Condolff, Mr. Valenzuela had a quiet, power lunch with Mr. Schultz including pizza from Il Bacio, yogurt-covered raisins and iced tea.  He then joined his class for recess.


When asked how the day went, Derek said, “I liked getting my friends out of their cars on car line in the morning and making the announcement about the shelter plan drill.”  This experience was the result of a prize won at the 2018 Rock Hollywood Gathering of Friends Gala and Auction on March 16.


For more information about The Chapel School, visit www.thechapelschool.org.




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