June 2017

Holocaust Survivor Alex Rosner Inspires Middle School Students at The Chapel School

On Monday, April 24, 2017, The Chapel Middle School (TCMS) was treated to an inspirational message from special visitor, Holocaust Survivor Alex Rosner.


Rosner spoke about how he was moved from one concentration camp to another, his family’s relationship with Oscar Schindler and his strong will to live.  When asked about what it feels like to share his experiences, he said, “At first, I turned my back on everything related to the Holocaust.  I did not want to think about it our talk about it with anyone. I felt like talking about the dark past was like feeding the devil.”


When asked how he was able to move forward, he said “Life is about choosing between love and hate.  I had hatred, but I found love and there was no room for hate.  Like riding a train, you have to go one way or the other.  I chose love ... and I choose love.”


Rosner’s final word of advice for his audience was as simple as it was powerful.  “Don’t turn your back on your conscience.”  Sage words for all of us.


This event was held at Concordia College’s Sommer Center for Worship and Performing Arts and was co-sponsored by The Chapel School PTO and Concordia College’s Education Division.



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