December 2018

The Chapel School Preschool Holds Baptism Rally

The Chapel School Preschool held a Baptism Rally on Wednesday, January 10. Coming after the weekend that many congregations celebrated a church festival honoring the Baptism of our Lord, the Rally was designed to help the 3 and 4 year old students understand the teaching about baptism. The School’s Pastors, Scott Geminn and Robert Hartwell, helped lead the Rally with the help of Kate Marino, Minister to Youth and Families. In addition to a Baptism Rally Chant of “1,2,3 Yay Baptism!” the students sang several songs and heard a message from the pastors about the meaning of this special sacrament of initiation in the Christian Church. According to Hartwell, “Jesus was baptized and he also wants all people to be baptized. He thinks all people are special and invites us to come to Him.” Pastor Geminn used a baby doll, borrowed from his own daughter Emma, to demonstrate the  baptism of a child. Geminn said, “Baptism is very special and reminds us how precious we are to God.” Several parents and siblings joined the students for the Baptism Rally. In addition, snapshots of the students’ own baptisms or pictures of them with their families were displayed on the screen.


Village Lutheran Church & The Chapel School is located at 172 White Plains Road in Bronxville, New York.  For more information about The Chapel School, please call 914-337-3202 or visit the website at


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