July 2018

‘A date which will live in infamy’: Bronxville School remembers Pearl Harbor

Students, veterans, and public and school officials commemorated the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 during a remembrance ceremony at the Bronxville School on Dec. 7. They paid tribute to the soldiers who fought and died, and honored our veterans and those who continue to serve our country.


The ceremony, which was organized by social studies teachers Rich Diefenbach and Chris Doyle, featured remarks from Bronxville High School senior Griffin Garbarini and two guest speakers from Eastchester High School and Tuckahoe High School.

“Pearl Harbor had a larger effect on the American people than most think,” said Garbarini, who discussed the attack’s aftermath. “It cost several thousand Americans their lives, but also created a massive sense of patriotism in the United States. The attack on pearl Harbor should remind Americans that we are in it together as a country.”


Retired United States Marine Corps Captain Michael Kanatas, a Naval Academy graduate and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom II, provided the keynote address and discussed the importance of remembering Pearl Harbor.


The remembrance ceremony also featured a video clip from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speech to Congress, which he gave on Dec. 8, 1941. During his address, he called the date of the attack – which forced the United States into World War II – “a date which will live in infamy.”


Following the film, Bronxville Elementary School students Eleanor and Michael Fahy – the great-great-grandchildren of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt – proceeded to the school’s flagpole where they helped Captain Kanatas lower the United States flag to half-mast. Their mother Wendy Roosevelt Fahy, who was also present at the ceremony, is the granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s youngest son, John.


Each year, Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe high schools take turns to host the Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony.



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