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January 2020

From left: Manda Gersten, Valerie Palacio, Adrienne Laitman, Pam Kohlhoff, Joyce Myers, Vicki Kreiss and Georgiana Stewart.

Faculty Members Retire from the Bronxville School

With combined experience and service to the district of 310 years, 12 Bronxville School teachers and faculty members are retiring this school year.


On March 1, Paul Furfaro, a middle school art teacher, retired after 31 years. On June 30, Karin Coons, a high school special education teacher, is retiring after 21 years of service; Theresa Craparo, an office assistant, is retiring after 31 years; Manda Gersten, a high school mathematics teacher, is retiring after 31 years; Pamela Kohlhoff, an elementary school teacher, is retiring after 23 years; Vicki Ann Kreiss, a middle school special education teacher, is retiring after 29 years; Adrienne Laitman, elementary school assistant principal, is retiring after 22 years; Joyce Myers, a middle school home and careers teacher, is retiring after 28 years; Valerie Palacio, an elementary school teacher, is retiring after 24 years; Brian Parise, a middle and high school physical education teacher, is retiring after 33 years; Georgiana Stewart, a high school special education teacher, is retiring after 18 years; and Joyce Vastola, a middle school psychologist, is retiring after 19 years.


The dedicated educators, who have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students, said they’ll miss the daily interactions with their committed colleagues and curious students.


“I have been inspired by the level of commitment and professionalism they bring to work each day,” said Laitman, who served the elementary school as assistant principal for seven years and as a teacher for 15 years before that.


Kohlhoff, who teaches third grade, said spending the last 23 years in the K-12 building has been exciting and a privilege to watch her students grow throughout their school years. Kreiss and Stewart, both special education teachers, said they will miss their students and colleagues, with whom they’ve developed great relationships over the years.


“Many of my colleagues have become close friends over the years,” Kreiss said. “Those friendships will go with me and continue in my retirement.”


The Bronxville School wishes continued success to the beloved faculty members as they embark on the next chapter of their lives and thanks them for their dedicated decades of service to their students.