March 2018

Bronxville Green Committee…it was a good year

by Mary Liz Mulligan, Committee Chairman


While reflecting on 2017 and all that went on, I realized that the Bronxville Green Committee had a banner year! Here are some of our committee accomplishments:

The Village purchased two Bigbelly Solar Powered compactors to add to its existing Bigbellies following a successful trial in the business district.  The new high-density Bigbelly units have foot pedals for hands-free operation and communicate wirelessly to DPW when a bag change is needed. Bigbelly Compactors compacts litter and recyclables at the point of collection to reduce pick up runs and the number of plastic bags sent to the landfill by 80%. Bronxville has demonstrated its commitment to saving the environment by investing in this amazing technology, which will reduce C02 emissions from garbage trucks and to send fewer bags to landfills. You may now see these all over NYC.


Award From Former County Ex. Rob Astorino:

“Congratulations! On behalf of former County Executive Rob Astorino, I am writing to let you know that the County will be acknowledging your municipality with an Earth Day Award for achieving a municipal curbside recycling rate of 30% or above in 2016 (recyclables include paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metals). Municipal awardees are as follows: Town of North Salem (34%), Village of Bronxville (32%), Town of Lewisboro (32%), City of Rye (31%), Town of Bedford (31%), Town of Yorktown (30%)”.


Take Back Days:

Our two special recycling ‘Take Back Day’ events was started about 5 years. In the spring the county shredder collected 3 tons of paper and this fall 5 tons. That’s a lot of paper! The ‘filled’ alarm bell went off at the stroke of 1, when event ended, and as the last car pulled away. Seems that we’ve ‘got this down to a science’.


 FurnitureSharehouse left with a totally filled box truck, which will help many needy families in Westchester furnish their homes. Three trips to the Yonkers Animal Shelter with 2 SUV’s loaded to the top with collected towels & blankets. Two overflowing DPW trucks with collected electronic waste.


At our next Take Back Day in May ’18, we will have a new collection group with us called Let’sPlayItForward, a 501(c)(3) Westchester-based organization, started by high school kids, that collects used sports equipment. The equipment goes to kids in need all over the world. To date they have sent out almost 50,000 pieces of equipment.


The next Take Back Day will be May 19, 2018. So start gathering!


Bronxville Giving Garden:

It took us a year, but we got it completed! Everything grown in the Garden is donated to needy neighbors. I hope everyone has had time to visit the Garden on Village Hall property at the corner of Pondfield Road and Gramatan Avenue. Thanks to the generous donations of the Bronxville Rotary Club and the assignment of the insurance money from the Girl Scout Cabin by the Village of Bronxville, we were able to purchase all the needed supplies to build the 19 beds and also order very nice fencing. We are so fortunate to have our Farmer Dave Phillips in charge of all growing aspects. Dave is not only a farmer, he is also a builder – he constructed all of the beds with a few of his friends. Dave has his day job, which is mostly at night; he plays bass for The Book of Mormon. When his hands were totally covered with poison ivy this summer, I was pretty concerned! Also, resident Nicki Piercy created a fantastic working web site pro bono.


Make sure to check this working site and join our email list which has volunteer opportunities for all age:  BGC member Gretchen Pingel has several informative articles which are posted on the site. The Bronxville DPW were a huge help and always with a smile. Needless to say, without Mayor Mary Marvin, also the Committee’s Liaison and Village Administrator, Jim Palmer and support of the Trustees, this would only be a dream. Over 200 pounds of organic produce were donated to a Mount Vernon soup kitchen this season. Next year, we will have a larger yield since we will get an earlier start and also learned a few ‘lessons’ this growing season. We hope to have educational sessions and special events and want all we do to encompass neighbors of all ages.


A new project will be investigating is Organic Waste collection.


The credit for all you just read goes to our small but mighty group of volunteer Committee members: Paula Asturias, Jess Atrio, Ellen Edwards, Pam Lippe, Judith McNatt, Wendy Murphy, Dave Phillips, Gretchen Pingel, Judith Schwartzstein, Gene & Mary Westmoreland and Mayor Mary Marvin.


If you would like to join us, call Village Hall (337-6500) and leave your contact info.



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