Cover Lover Remix Presented at Pelham Art Center

By Stephen E. Lipken


Cover Lover Remix (CLR), a juried multi-artist exhibition of “remixed” album covers, curated by Dick Burroughs was presented at Pelham Art Center, opening on Thursday, July 21st continuing through Sunday, August 29th, featuring artists’ interpretation of album covers from such artists as the Beatles, Prince, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and many others.


An opening DJ Dance Party was held on Saturday, July 23rd, in PAC and Courtyard.  Artists included “McCrayola,” Lyndon McCray Crayon Art; Pablo Power, Pablo Marcel Power, featuring abstract artwork depicting Westchester County landmarks; Ukraine artist Misha Tyutyunik, who paid tribute to 1950’s jazz album covers, Andy Warhol and remixed Led Zeppelin plus Savior Elmunde, who displayed a giant pastiche of Prince albums in the Courtyard. 


“CLR was something I saw that was coming to Garner Art Center, Rockland, in June and we worked out a deal with Garner Art Center,” Pelham Art Center Gallery and Pelham Program Manager John Gilbert said. “I am a record collector myself and an artist.  We opened an open call. It was a great experience to get artists from Pelham from surrounding areas involved in this show.  There were several artists who had not shown for a long time and they found it inspirational to start with an album they loved and create a piece of artwork.”  


“I absolutely love the exhibit because I was in the music business at one time,” Westchester County Legislator Terry Clements added.  “Some of the album covers that they did the remix on, I actually own them and what I think is phenomenal is that the artists have orchestrated in their medium, whether it was LEGOs, paint, or whatever their medium was, they orchestrated the visual art to go with that music…”