A History of The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester & Tuckahoe, Inc.

The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe, Inc. was founded on October 2, 1919 as The Community Welfare Fund to support Lawrence Hospital during the flu epidemic.   Once established, the Fund began supporting other charitable agencies such as The Associated Charities of Eastchester, as well as other welfare agencies serving the local community during the depression and World War II that provided basic support to families and the war effort.


Over the years the Fund underwent several name changes including; The Community Chest, The Red Feather, and the United Fund of BET.   In 1965, the fund affiliated with the United Fund of Westchester, which became known as The United Way of Westchester.  After many years with the United Way, members of the Fund realized that much of the money they were raising was supporting services outside of the Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe communities.  In 1980, to ensure that the Fund raised locally would benefit the three communities, the Fund severed its affiliation with the United Way and reestablished itself under its original charter of 1919.  The Fund changed its name to the current, The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe, Inc. and reestablished its original concept and purpose:


• To promote and solicit financial support for agencies serving the Bronxville 10708, Eastchester, and Tuckahoe Communities

• To access the needs of the community and distribute funds to the agencies and programs providing services and support to the community and provide funding for new initiatives whose need is identified. 

• To acquaint the public with the work and needs of these agencies.

• To create community building events such as the youth 3 on 3 basketball tournament and motivational speakers that bring BET residents together. 

• To introduce High School students to philanthropy with the creation of a Youth Community Fund.  The group from all three school districts work collaboratively to volunteer, raise funds, and support youth initiatives through grantmaking.


Today, The Community Fund of Bronxville Eastchester Tuckahoe, Inc. is a non-profit corporation providing funding and support over 20 social service agencies and local community programs serving the health, education and welfare needs of local residents.  The Fund infuses over $500,000 yearly to local nonprofits and community programs.


Through the efforts of many volunteers, they not only raise funds annually to provide grants for their member agencies and community programs, but equally important, they evaluate the agencies to ensure the agency still meets the needs and provides services that contribute to the wellbeing of the BET Community. The Fund also ensures the agency is in sound financial condition with a strong governing board.   The fund offers advice and collaborates with agencies as needed.  


Simply put, The Community Fund motto is, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” with the money raised here benefiting the residents here.


The Fund’s 104th Annual Campaign has just launched.  For more information on how to get involved, reach out to Amy Korb at akorb@thecommunityfund.org or visit the website at www.thecommunityfund.org 


The latest annual report can be found at www.thecommunityfund.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/CF-Annual-Report-2022-FINAL.pdf