Mayor, Trustees Vehemently Oppose
Governor Hochul’s Housing Compact

Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin

By Stephen E. Lipken


Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin opened the February 13th Board Meeting, expressing deep concern regarding Governor Kathy Hochul’s Housing Compact to build 75 new homes within three years or State would take over and usurp the local zoning laws, plus Transit Orient Development (TOD) proposal to rezone the area around the Train Station, a half-mile radius which is 2/3rds of the Village for 50 housing units per acre, to accommodate 10,000 new housing units which currently holds 2,600 housing units and a population of 6,656.  


In addition, the Village would be required to allow at least 40 housing units per acre within a half-mile radius. Mayor Marvin stressed that Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and NYS Senator Shelley Mayer are against it. 


Next, Designer Ashley Sharpe, Sharpe Development and Design, discussed improvements to Maltby Park, funded by Friends of Maltby Park.  Hedges will protect Maltby from vehicle incursions and there are “tons of parking.”  The addition of flowers and trees are planned. Showing a map of the area, Sharpe noted that FOMP would provide $350,000, the Village $150,000 for a total of $500,000.  FOMP has already raised $225,000. 


Legislator James Nolan presented an update, saying that the footbridge on the Bronx River Pathway, destroyed by Hurricane Ida will be replaced using FEMA funds.  Completion is scheduled for the end of Fall.  


“I am working with County Police to bring back the SCUBA Diving Team, needed especially after a plane crashed into a wooded area near Rye Lake in January,” Nolan stated.  


Resolutions included completing purchase of LED Streetlights; scheduling Public Hearing for proposed Local Law 2-2023 to increase number of members of Design Review Committee; Public Hearing for Local Law 3-2023, Tax Cap Override; and playground improvements for Sagamore Park.


Acknowledging the Giving Garden Mission and Operational Statement, Marvin noted that the garden has contributed 350 pounds of vegetables to Mount Vernon Soup Kitchen and Eastchester Community Action Partnership.