Senator Shelley B. Mayer Statement
On Texas Elementary School Shooting

“The school shooting at Robb Elementary School, and the death of at least 19 children and 1 teacher, is completely unacceptable. How can it be that our youngest children in an elementary school, a place that we once believed was safe, can be gunned down in a few moments? How can it be that families will face a lifetime of unbearable loss and pain because guns are so available and so lethal that they can murder 19 people, children and adults, in a few moments?


After each horrific incident, we are heartbroken and vow that we cannot let this continue. We are left to wonder what it will take for Republicans in Congress to stand up for our children and families. Make no mistake – after last week’s racist murders in Buffalo, carried out with a semi-automatic rifle modified to use a high-capacity magazine and now today’s carnage at an elementary school – we must call out the willful inaction.


How much is enough? This is enough.”