Fire Chief Renders Brief History
of Eastchester Fire District

By Stephen E. Lipken


Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin opened the Tuesday, October 11th Regular Board of Trustees meeting, with members of the Eastchester Board of Fire Commissioners featuring Chief Brian Tween; Chairman Paul Carlo; Commissioners Paul Ranellone and Anthony Lore.


“It is kind of a program to educate the community and ourselves,” Marvin said, referring to the Eastchester Fire Commissioners.  “Thank you for this opportunity to speak to the residents of the Village of Bronxville,” Tween began.  “I have prepared a little bit of the history of Eastchester Fire District (EFD)…


“Prior to 1894, the extinguishment of fires in Town of Eastchester, Village of Tuckahoe and Bronxville was left to self-organized impromptu groups.  During this year, Wavery Engine Company was formed with 15 men.  Tuckahoe Hose Company followed on June, 1895.  After this came the Bronxville Engine Hose Company in July 1896 and the Rescue Hook and Ladder Company, Tuckahoe, came next, on April 2nd, 1896…


“On January 6, 1897, Eastchester’s first consolidated fire fighting force came into being when the four existing volunteer groups were merged into a single administrative unit.  In 1916 the State Legislature passed a law setting up Fire Districts and EFD was incorporated.”


Legislator James Nolan (in photo) appeared, briefly giving an update on the repair work on the Bronx River Pathway footbridge, to be funded by FEMA and update for stormwater mitigation.  “The third thing that I would like to discuss; as you know my brother was tragically killed by an illegal gun.  In 2016, I worked with Yonkers Police on a gun buy-back program and we took it to County level. 


“I also proposed a Westchester County Dive Team, on-site diving into water to save a life.”


Noting that Assemblywoman Amy Paulin sponsored legislation enabling municipalities to lower speed limits from 30 to 25 mph, Marvin set a Public Hearing for further discussion on Monday, November 14th. Current speed limit is 30 mph, except on Sagamore, 25 mph.