Pedestrian Safety Pressing Concern
at Village Board Meeting

Bronxville Trustee William C. Fredericks (left) and Mayor Mary C. Marvin.

By Stephen E. Lipken


Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin convened a meeting of Elm Rock Road residents before the Regular Meeting, on November 14th to discuss installing a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB), standard crosswalk signage with actuated flashing LED lights.  This was part of the Bronxville Safe Routes to School Concept Plan, Elm Rock Road-Oriole Avenue to White Plains Road. 


A prime Regular Meeting issue was Local Law 5-2022, “Amend Chapter 290-14. A VI, setting of speed limits on Village Streets and Public Roadways.”  Mayor Marvin noted that Assemblywoman Amy Paulin sponsored legislation permitting municipalities to lower speed limits.  “Prior to this year, Village speed limits could not be lower than 30 miles per hour, except for school zones,” Marvin said.  


Local Law 5 reads: “Section 1: A. Twenty-five miles per hour.  Except as provided in Subdivisions B and C hereof, 25 miles per hour is hereby designated the maximum speed limit at which vehicles may proceed on highways within the Village.


“Section 2: C. Thirty miles per hour.  Thirty miles per hour is hereby designated as the maximum speed limit at which vehicles may proceed on the portions of roadway within the Village designated as State Route 22 (White Plains Road).”


Over 20 citizens voiced their opinions.


In New Business, designated locations for Village Election Polling locations are Village Hall, Districts 16, 17; Fire House, Midland Avenue and Palumbo Place, Districts 18, 19, 21; Christ Church, 17 Sagamore Road, Districts 20, 22.  The Election will take place on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.


The purchase of a Winch for $11,518.40, used to pick up large apartment dumpsters was authorized, Environmental Compliance and Bond Resolution for Wood End Sewer Extension at $202,100 was approved.


Street Resurfacing is slated for Saturday, December 3rd, from Midland Avenue to Normandy Road. 


Finally, the Board approved Local Law #6, Amending Stop Intersections; Local Law #7, Amending Yield Intersections and Local Law #8, Amending Parking Prohibited in Designated Locations.