Third Graders Create Colorful Objects with Legos

Bronxville Elementary School third grade students from Meghan Chiapperino’s class used their creativity to construct colorful birds, emojis and robots out of Legos. The experience was part of a hands-on activity in library media specialist Izzy Fattore’s makerspace class.


“The challenge was for the students to work together, take each other’s ideas and combine them to create an object,” Fattore said. “The students had 10 minutes to construct an object of my choosing before showing what they built to the class.” 


Throughout the process, the students ended up taking apart the pieces and putting them back together while enhancing their teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills. 


“The students are good at thinking outside the box,” Fattore said. “The experience gave them an opportunity to unwind and create while working together. There were no rules, guidance or structure, and it let them play a little bit.”