Freshman Lia Nacey Earns Silver Key Award

Lia Nacey

Bronxville High School freshman Lia Nacey has won a Silver Key award and honorable mention for her two short stories in the prestigious annual 2022 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition.


She won the Silver Key for her short story, “Apple of His Eye,” and honorable mention for her short story, “Duckies.” Nacey’s stories were recognized as one of the most outstanding works among her peers and selected for their excellence in originality, technical skills and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.


“Lia is an incredibly talented writer and thinker,” her teacher Beth Agarabi said. “She was self-motivated to submit her writing to this prestigious contest and just kept showing up each morning to solicit advice, share ideas and rework her drafts. It in an honor to mentor Lia’s creativity and her passion for writing.” 


Agarabi described “Apple of His Eye” as a highly original, satirical and hilarious account of an apple and some juice falling in love in a refrigerator, and “Duckies” as Hemingway-esque in style that probes all the words two people want to say when a relationship peters out.