Fourth Grade Helps Bundles of Joy

And that’s a wrap! Fourth graders assembled toiletries bundles for local children in need. On hand to assist the students with the Bundles of Joy service project were many parent volunteers and Bronxville’s fourth grade teachers. The bundles included basic necessities such as toothbrushes, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion, brushes and combs. Other items included crayons, notebooks, stress balls, fidgets, and bombas socks- a company that encourages and practices acts of human kindness. 


Ms. Wright is proud of the Bronxville students. “You could tell they were acting with a purpose and a drive. It was so fulfilling to watch them work,” she said. “In their reflections they spoke a lot about feeling like they made a difference, as well as recognizing how their lives might be different from those who receive these bundles.” 


“This project really made me think about other people in the community, in Westchester and the area, and how some people don’t have what they need and want,” said Leo, a fourth grader. “It makes me feel good to help people in my community.” 


“I think doing this project again would be a good idea because I feel like people really realized that not everyone in these communities are as fortunate as them,” added classmate Clara. “When we were packing up toothpaste, I thought this is something I normally have and never have to think about. My mom goes to the store and gets it for me.”