Top Performing Students at Stepinac High School Earn AP Scholar Awards and other College Board Honors

Forty-two academically top performing juniors and seniors at Stepinac High School have earned prestigious Advanced Placement (AP) Scholar Awards and other prestigious College Board honors.

Seven of the honorees each won two AP Scholar designations including either the AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honor, AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Seminar and Research Certificate or the AP Capstone Diploma. 

Frank Portanova (Class of ’93), Stepinac Vice Principal of Academics and Curriculum, said: “The school community is extremely proud of the hard work and determination exemplified by the college level success of so many of our Stepinac students. These AP Awards are a boon to their college transcripts and will surely make them highly competitive and marketable in the college admissions process.”


Area students, AP Awards and hometowns are:


Ryan C. Cucinella, AP Scholar, 

New Rochelle


Justin L. Legesse, AP Scholar and AP 

Capstone Diploma, New Rochelle


David Lopez, AP Scholar with Distinction, New Rochelle


Peter J. McFarland, AP Scholar, New Rochelle


Carlos J. Sanchez, AP Capstone Diploma and AP Scholar with Distinction, 

New Rochelle


Frederick J. Schildwachter, AP Scholar, 

New Rochelle


Eric K. Welwin, AP Scholar with Honor, Bronxville


The mission of Archbishop Stepinac High School is to offer young men of the Archdiocese of New York a highly competitive academic and extracurricular program that will prepare them for college and leadership roles. The faculty and staff accomplish these objectives by pursuing excellence and creating a supportive, disciplined atmosphere with a strong sense of camaraderie and Christian values that is unique to the Stepinac experience. 


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