Stepinac Students Sleep Overnight Outdoors in Cardboard Boxes and Raise More than $30,000 to Help the Unsheltered Homeless

Stepinac High School students recently slept overnight outdoors in cardboard boxes on the school’s athletic fields and raised more than $30,000 to help the unsheltered homeless in their communities. 


In so doing, they continued what has become an annual Stepinac tradition of supporting the Cardboard Box City Campaign, organized by the school’s Campus Ministry. 

By spending an entire evening in cardboard boxes in an open field instead of the comfort and warmth of their homes, the students gained an understanding of the personal challenges that America’s unsheltered homeless— estimated at more than a half million individuals and families including many who are children— experience.   

Their impressive efforts this year will help bring relief to some of the unsheltered homeless in Westchester communities and New York City.  


In advance of the evening event, students were instructed to bring with them large cardboard boxes as well as blankets and pillows.  They were also advised to eat dinner before arriving as their overnight stay would be a long one, lasting nearly 12 hours before ending at 8 AM the next day.


The success of the campaign was the result of the energy and generosity of the students who mobilized parents, friends, members of the administration, faculty and staff to join in lending their support.