Be Brilliant! Tutoring Announces Grand Opening of New Center in Bronxville

Be Brilliant! Tutoring has announced the opening of their first location in Bronxville, at 51 Pondfield Road. Be Brilliant! Tutoring (BB!T) offers unparalleled educational support to students ages 4 through 14 seeking to enhance their academic performance and discover their innate brilliance. With a rich history of fostering exceptional educational outcomes, including the instrumental role in establishing two charter schools in the Bronx that have consistently surpassed New York State averages on tests, Be Brilliant! Tutoring is set to make a significant impact on the community.

Established in 2003 by several of the same founders of Be Brilliant! Tutoring, LLC, the Bronx Charter Schools for Better Learning’s (BBL) core pedagogy is the basis for the tutoring to take place at the new Bronxville center. 

“We know how to tap children’s inherent drive to know more. We clarify, with them, the way to excel in school, whether they’re already doing well, or struggling to keep up, or anywhere in between. Our tutors are not just educators; they trust in the natural brilliance of every child. They work closely with families to maintain a nurturing and positive environment, helping to unveil and develop the multitude of gifts each student possesses. Their approach has proven successful for thousands of students, from those labeled with learning disabilities to high achievers aiming for even greater excellence,” states Theodore Swartz, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Co-Manager of Be Brilliant! Tutoring.

Students enrolled at BB!T will benefit from a tailored program that not only aims for better grades and higher test scores, but also focuses on three critical areas for future success: Fulfillment, Confidence, and Brilliance. The unique methodology used by the Master Teachers fosters satisfaction and joy in learning, cultivates self-assurance and independence, and helps students realize their intellectual potential.

The center serves children pre-kindergarten through 8th grade and has flexible days and hours to accommodate student and parent schedules. All tutoring is done in person and video streaming of the sessions is available. Slots are limited and parents are encouraged to call (914) 392-1655 for more information. The website with additional details is