FOBPL Awards for Long-Term Employees

Hats off to 7 long-term employees at the Bronxville Public Library for their incredible dedication, hard work, professionalism, and kindness.

The Friends of the Bronxville Public library hosted a reception in the employees’ honor on May 14 at the library including awards and delicious fare.  They have each worked between 17 and 37 years at the library. 

Among the recipients were: Marianne Wingertzahn (37 yrs), Christine Utchel (20 yrs), Tessy John (23 yrs), Michelle Prete (19 yrs), Carol Pisciotta (23 yrs), Raquelle Frenchman (20 yrs), and Vivian Conan (17 yrs). 

Also pictured are Carolyn Mattson/FOBPL President, Amy Brown, FOBPL Vice President, and Monica Malpass/Communications Director.

Congratulations everyone! #BronxvilleLibrary #Awards