Budget Officer Appointed at BOT Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken

Mayor Mary C. Marvin called to order the January 8th Board of Trustees meeting, mentioning the Martin Luther King Breakfast, held at Reform Church on January 15th, sponsored by the Eastchester Community Action Program, “a big fund-raiser for their after-school program. Our incredible Rotary Club donated all the cost of the food.”

Mayor Marvin stated that the past month was overshadowed by the passing of the entire Morgan family. Bronxville Police Sergeant Watson Morgan had killed his wife and two children, then turned the gun on himself.

Next, Village Administrator James Palmer said that the Village would continue to pick up Christmas trees, placed curbside to be mulched at the yard waste site off of California Road.

He stressed that residents must clear snow accumulations in front of their homes within 24 hours; downtown, 12 hours.  It is also a ticketable offense for contractors to plow snow out onto the street and/or sidewalks.

In new business, Palmer requested to be appointed as Budget Officer, pursuant to Village Law and local code.  He then discussed the Village’s audited financial statements, noting a request for Village Treasurer Lori Voss and Palmer to draft a Resolution designating some of the Unassigned Fund Balance for future capital projects, pointing out that the Village has annual Debt Service Obligations of 12% of its operating expenditures, thus recommending that $1.5 million dollars be transferred to Capital; flood mitigation is a big factor.

Then there were two Small Claim Assessment Review (SCAR) settlements totaling a little over $800, $85 for the Village for two properties and school refunds of $3,170.55 for the 2023 year.

The Final Resolution authorizes the Administrator to execute an agreement with Villa BXV, allocating 11 parking spaces on the Lower Level, plus a stormwater maintenance agreement.