Annual Appointments, Actions; 2024/2025 Village Budget Presented

By Stephen E. Lipken

Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin convened the April 8th Board of Trustees meeting, announcing the re-election of Justice Natasha Nordahl and Trustee Mary Taylor Behrens, sworn in by Justice William Primps.  Mayor Marvin said that Trustee Helen Knapp will be sworn in at the May 13th meeting. 

“This is the meeting that we go through our Annual Appointments and Annual Actions,” Marvin continued.  One-year term Annual Appointments include Deputy Mayor Robert S. Underhill; Village Clerk James Palmer; Treasurer/Receiver of Taxes Lori Voss; Deputy Village Treasurer Kaitlin Fitzpatrick; Assessor Mark Heinbockel; Historian Ray Geselbracht; Prosecutor Ronnie James Ritz; Registrar Dulce Angel and Deputy Registrar Mary Ann Magliato.

Resolution Regarding Annual Actions: Auditor to the Justice Court: Lori Voss; Village Auditor: O’Connor Davies LLP.   Boards and Committees:  Finance Committee: Anne W. Poorman, Heather Miner; Planning Board: Michael Goldman, James Hayden; Design Review Committee: Patricia Knox; Zoning Board of Appeals: Mariellen Sullivan Carpenter, Gregory Jachno; Ethics Board: William Slattery, Marilyn Wood Hill, all serving two-year terms; Library Board of Trustees: William Fulton and Charlotte Sullivan, newly appointed for a three-year term. 

The Resolution passed. 

Then Marvin encouraged residents to enroll in “Chamber Chatter,” learning latest news from Chamber of Commerce, (  Trustee Behrens welcomed two new Police Officers, Dmitri Gallard and Brandon Serrano.  They will be sworn in on June 10th at 7:00 p.m.

Next, a Public Hearing was opened regarding the 2024/2025 Village Budget.  Marvin stated that the proposed Tax Rate increase is 1.68%, amounting to an increase of $61 for every million dollars in assessed value.  “The big drivers this year were a $300,000 increase in Workmen’s Compensation and $275,000 in health insurance costs,” Marvin noted.  “This was combined with nationwide softening of sales tax revenues.  Appropriations are up 3.96% which corelates with inflation. 

“This year the library has asked for a 4% increase in our Budget, around $75,000, on a $1.7 million Budget,” Library Board President Margaret Mager remarked.  “Everything is aging out and we are going to need some capital dollars over the next few years.”