Local Law Regarding Sanitary Sewer Laterals Addressed at Bronxville Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken

Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin opened the June 13th Board Meeting, noting that Spring in the Village encompasses “many incredible joyous events.  After almost three years of Covid, which really hurt the fund-raising ability of our organizations that are helping people all around the Village, we now have had a wonderful continuum of events.”

“Mary Mackintosh, an incredible volunteer ‘extraordinaire’ was honored by the Counseling Center.  Marilynn and John Hill will be honored by Gramatan Village on June 6th.  Our incredible Library had a hugely successful benefit.  The Women’s Club celebrated their 99th Anniversary.”  

“Just last weekend the Rotary Club honored John Priesing, the Grand Marshall at our 102nd Memorial Day Parade.  John is a 50-plus resident of the Village and a Korean War Veteran.” Marvin concluded.

Trustee Helen Knapp reminded residents that gas powered leaf blowers are banned through October 15th.  Discussing Green Initiatives, Knapp said that the Chamber of Commerce is spearheading an “on request” campaign with flyers and stickers going on grocery bags reminding shoppers that Westchester County passed a law in September that single use plastics will no longer be included in bags ordered on line or by phone; they must be specifically requested.

Marvin then opened a continuation of the Public Hearing regarding Sanitary Sewer Laterals, Inspection, Repairs, Replacement and Ongoing Maintenance.  Administrator James Palmer recommended the Public Hearing be kept open to the following month.  Proposed Local Law No. 1-2024 requires a Plumber’s Certification that laterals do not allow infiltration or inflow into the Village’s sanitary sewer lines be issued upon sale of property or construction exceeding $100,000.  Laterals shall be kept free from roots, grease deposits and other solids.

Resolutions included authorizing funding for streetscape improvements along Pondfield Road 

in front of Bronxville School, appointment of Michael Romano to DPW and new parking fines:  double parking now $100; crossing yellow lines, $50; bus stop, $50, fire hydrant, $100; unauthorized handicapped space, $130.