Iona University Announces New Health and Wellness Bachelor’s of Science Degree

Iona University is proud to announce a new Health and Wellness Bachelor of Science (BS) degree within the NewYork-Presbyterian Iona School of Health Sciences for individuals interested in public health, health education, advocacy and prevention of disease. Iona’s innovative program will result in two nationally recognized certificates: NASPA Certified Peer Educator (CPE) training and Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training. 

“Iona students will earn a robust degree and strong skillset appropriate for positions in health-related areas including careers as health education specialists and community health workers and receive a degree that can serve as preparation for allied health careers in occupational therapy,” said Kavita R. Dhanwada, Ph.D., founding dean of the NewYork-Presbyterian Iona School of Health Sciences.

Students can expect to gain valuable hands-on training with a semester-long internship in an agency, business or other setting that provides community or public health promotion.

The program has a strong emphasis on intentional community engagement.

The Health and Wellness BS degree also involves a multidisciplinary approach. Students may choose to explore several disciplines in-depth such as psychology, communications, entrepreneurship, and healthcare marketing. To learn more about our BS Degree in Health and Wellness visit

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