Iona University Receives $10,000 Grant for Local Mental Health Workshops and Trainings in Bronxville

The Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe has awarded Iona University a $10,000 grant to conduct local workshops this spring that focus on managing stress, depression and anxiety.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Community Fund to provide these important workshops for local residents,” said Kavita Dhanwada, Ph.D., founding dean of the NewYork-Presbyterian Iona School of Health Sciences. “This opportunity both aligns with Iona’s mission of service to our local communities and gives our students the chance to gain real-world experience applying the lessons of the classroom into the world beyond.”

Three one-hour workshops will take place this spring at Iona’s Kelly Center for Health Sciences in Bronxville. Workshops include: Stress Management for Teenagers; Mental, Emotional and Relational Well-Being & Health; and Racism and Multicultural Awareness.

The grant will be implemented by graduate students from Iona University’s Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling programs.

The goal is to help improve health outcomes based on the Community Fund’s recent Community Needs Assessment, which identified a large gap surrounding mental health and well-being.

Amy Korb, executive director of The Community Fund, said the needs assessment, conducted in partnership with Pace University’s Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship, provided important data to understand what services were most needed.

“Our staff, in partnership with our board, worked together to develop the mental health discretionary fund and find robust programs that provide tangible help to our community members,” Korb said. “This isn’t just about mental health awareness; it is about providing our community members with the services and tools to help them thrive.”

To learn more, contact The Community Fund at or 914-337-8808.