Fourth Graders Observe Chicks Hatching in Class

As fourth graders at Bronxville Elementary School tended to their school’s incubator and watched several chicks hatch, they gained a deeper understanding of life science concepts they had been studying in class. 

Under the guidance of their science teacher Susan Monaco, the students made scientific observations once the chicks – which took approximately 21 days to hatch – arrived. They also observed how organisms change and develop over time, and identified how their body structures help them to survive. Throughout the learning experience, they reflected on life cycles, patterns in nature and the essential needs of all living things. They also conducted research to answer various questions about the chicks, which in turn gave the students ownership of the learning experience.

“This experience allows for connections to the fourth-grade energy unit, linking concepts to the food chain and the transfer of energy from the sun to living organisms,” Monaco said. “It is an exciting, hands-on learning experience that makes a lasting impression on the students.”