Kindergarten Student Rowan Rohrssen is Principal for the Day at The Chapel School

On Friday, May 10, Kindergarten Student Rowan Rohrssen was Principal for the Day at The Chapel School.  His day consisted of welcoming students on car line, running a Wind Advisory Drill, observing his teacher, Mrs. Bellotti, and signing an executive order granting his class a Dance Party.  He handed out Workers of the Week before making important announcements and helping select pictures for a social media post and this press release. Rowan also enjoyed a “power lunch” with “former” Principal Schultz at his favorite spot, “Pete’s Tavern” in Bronxville. Rowan won this opportunity at the 2024 Gathering of Friends Le Jardin de Reves on March 15.  Principal Rohrssen commented, “I wish the day could start all over again because it was so much fun!”