High School Celebrates Class of 2024 at Commencement Ceremony

Dressed in the traditional white dresses and tuxedos, members of the Bronxville High School’s Class of 2024 received their diplomas during the 102nd commencement ceremony, held on the school’s front lawn on June 15. After years of hard work and dedication, they marked the completion of their high school educational experience before an audience of family, friends, teachers and administrators.

Principal Ann Meyer, who has been named as the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, welcomed the guests, and reflected on her 11-year tenure as high school principal, as well as the challenging and wonderful moments that have passed.

“Be present for the difficult times and the wonderful times…they will pass,” Meyer said. “As you look towards the exciting, scary, new, challenging time that is before you – remember through the bad and the good – this too shall pass. We wish you luck as you embark on this journey.” 

During the ceremony, the students heard remarks from senior class president Van Villanueva, Student Faculty Legislature President Kathleen Heraty and special guest speaker Milos Balac, a 2007 Bronxville High School graduate and Primetime Emmy award winner. 

In his address, Villanueva expressed gratitude for all Bronxville School parents, coaches and teachers for their guidance and for instilling discipline, grit and grandeur that has driven their successes and triumphs. He reflected on his classmates’ athletic, musical and theatrical achievements, and celebrated the friendships they’ve made and countless experiences they’ve had over the last 13 years. 

“At this very graduation there are some of the sharpest and most driven individuals in the entire country,” Villanueva said. “Be amazed at what you have accomplished today, but let this not be your greatest accomplishment, let it be the first of many yet to come. Being raised in Bronxville, we’ve been forged in the fire of excellence and the desire to compete. Many people do not possess the drive seen in our town, and that is what makes us so special.”

In her remarks, Heraty stood next to her fellow classmates, some of whom she’s known since kindergarten, and reflected on her experience at the Bronxville School. She expressed gratitude for growing up in a remarkable place, known for its incredible community – being greeted by the same crossing guard, cheered on by faculty at sporting events, and seeing her elementary school teachers in the same hallways. 

“I believe that what really makes people stand out is not having an impressive resume, but is pursuing what makes you passionate,” Heraty said. “The world always needs more passionate, enthusiastic people that don’t stop pursuing what they love – I say be that person.”

As part of a tradition at graduation, Meyer announced the names of several distinguished students, who stood up one by one to be recognized for excelling in various areas of academics and the fine and performing arts. She also acknowledged 11 faculty members who are retiring at the end of the school year, representing 270 years of experience at the Bronxville School. 

At the conclusion, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rachel Kelly presented the graduates, who were called one by one to receive their diplomas by Board of Education President Susan Conniff.